New technology 2018 ppt

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New technology 2018 ppt

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New technology 2018 ppt

Another year has gone by and here at Investintech, we can proudly look back at Able2Extract Professional 12 was successfully released on December 6th after a year of hard work and commitment to delivering the best possible PDF productivity tool. Through AI algorithms, machines are developing capabilities that, until recently, have been reserved only for humans. These machines can now see and recognize objects and faces, read and understand text, and even listen and speak.

With every new interaction and experience, they are learning and becoming more human-like, making our everyday tasks easier. Machines are capable of learning fast, gathering and processing vast amounts of data and information in order to come up with solutions that we can exploit professionally.

Businesses will increasingly use AI to make better decisions, simulate business models, understand customer behavior, and make almost risk-free investments. The changes that AI will bring will make technology fit better into our lifestyles. We will experience the rise of voice search, home interfaces, and social bots that will communicate with us in a human-like manner. AI will soon be embedded into every gadget we use and organizations will adopt solutions based on machine learning to automate as many processes as they can.

With the pace of development speeding up, it remains a question of how will we adapt to these changes. Blockchain technology has a major issue when it comes to the implementation of Bitcoin: scalability. However, in other areas, those concerns can be addressed effectively and lead to the replacement of intermediary parties by offering secure commercial transactions with risk and power distributed equally across participants in the network.

Expect to see huge developments in platforms using Blockchain technology to solve fundamental challenges, and become the most important tool for secure, transparent, and decentralized business dealings. Furthermore, companies will use Blockchain to prove their social responsible claims and earn trust with customers. From being utilized in just a few spheres at the moment, this method may soon be able to hold ledgers in government, banking, healthcare, content distribution, manufacturing, supply chain, and more.

Heads Up Displays HUDs and AR glasses can be used for better traveling and shopping experiences by real-time translating signs and converting currencies, for example. With AR, virtual objects can appear in the real world and real objects can change size and color in an alternate reality. Not only that, but virtual stores can follow you wherever you go, and information you need can pop-up without you asking for them. Or, imagine looking through the eyes of a football player while listening to the cheering crowd and eating a hotdog at the stadium.

And all of that will fit right into your pocket! Most of us think of a virtual reality experience as an individual and isolating one.

Nevertheless, VR in may be used for family visits to museums and abroad without anyone ever leaving their home.

With Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Windows devicebusiness meetings can look like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie, complete with holograms walking and talking to each other in a real-world office. All 3 of these trends are taking their own path, trying to solve problems and avoid numerous pitfalls in order to bring change into the life of individual users.

How will presentations look in 5 years with new technology trends?

For now, these technologies have proven useful and successful in niche industries and controlled areas. The process is unstoppable.Working from home? These headphones and earbuds will create some much-needed peace and quiet for focusing. The popular video conferencing app has been a godsend during the era of social distancing. But it also puts your privacy at risk. Whether you need extra storage or want to back up your files, one of these hard drives will suit your digital life.

Type keyword s to search. By Paige Szmodis. Engineering an Oxygen-Friendly N95 Mask. Not bad for a couple of guys who usually create fuel cells for next-…. By Courtney Linder. Extend your gaming binges—and prevent a lifetime of back pain—with o….

By Gabrielle Hondorp. A new class of apps use Bluetooth to automate contact tracing, letti…. Images live on your phone for 30 days longer than you thought. New Technology Apr 12, It depends on the device. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Gear Apr 11, Best New Gadgets Apr 9, Design Apr 9, New Technology Apr 8, Design Apr 6, Security Apr 3, By Kristina Libby.Robotics is the branch of technology, they deals with application of robots. View this robotics technology powerpoint presentation, which has collection of about robotics technology and robotics technology process. These robotics technology ppt presentation is available for free download. Fifth generation of computer are called "Artificial intelligence".

There is some advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence AIlets see what they are. If you are looking for Blockchain Technology ppt presentation, you are on right place download Blockchain Technology powerpoint presentation now! If you are looking for Block Chain Technology ppt presentation, you are on right place download Block Chain Technology powerpoint presentation now!

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new technology 2018 ppt

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The Great Buddha says, "Share your knowledge.Here are the 10 biggest trends identified by reports from Synechron and Capgemini. As customers become more digital, more demanding and more tech-savvy, legacy bank infrastructure is strained to support new modes of engagement and grow digital efforts significantly.

AI development will focus on cognitive use in the sales, marketing, investments, wealth management and compliance sectors of the financial services industry. This is a critical step in moving from advanced robotic technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics to real growth in cognitive computing. Synechron also predicts that robo-investors will become the centralized fintech platform for wealth managers. Banking providers will focus on a few key use cases and technologies where customer-first design is key, like account opening and augmented reality.

The account onboarding process will see a boost from UX design technologies in the form of a more interactive and gamified experience with natural language processing and machine learning. AI will also support risk management by improving the enterprise-wide risk analysis needed to fulfill the changing needs of the organization.

Capgemini says that the financial crisis left banks and credit unions at a disadvantage with credit challenged consumers. This — combined with the emergence of online lending technology and streamlined lending processes — made room for alternative lenders to thrive in this environment.

With an increasingly complex regulatory environment, financial institutions will also start looking at AI to gain meaning from larger and larger volumes of regulatory data.

RegTech has a vital role to play as firms move beyond initial MiFID II compliance and gain more long-term benefits from the regulation and take a tech-first approach to their compliance efforts. This will lay the foundation for greater economies of scale across data, analytics, and related risks.

Big data initiatives are pushing more sophisticated and more open business models with better data tools and visualizations. While the beginning efforts for data standardization have already started, financial institutions are still relying on legacy data architecture and infrastructure.

Stepping forward with future systems is a priority for data in With those changes, new ways of extracting additional value from data have emerged, such as data virtualization, data lineage, and data visualization. Through open APIs, banks and credit unions will go through significant changes in the way they provide CX-based processes.

Fintech companies are becoming players in the customer journey, and banks and credit unions are no longer in control of the customer journey. Customers are increasingly adopting fintech offerings for better services, leaving banks and credit unions no choice but to adapt — or get left behind.

Inadoption of the cloud in banking will increase, but with the focus on security and regulatory compliance continuing to be front and center. Expect to see enterprise-wide middle- and bank-office applications start to move into the cloud.

Banks and credit unions will feel the push to create more cloud-enabled business models inwhile the use of open APIs will drive consumer applications to the cloud even more.

new technology 2018 ppt

Here are the six biggest trends identified by Synechron in their annual forecast.It is an infographic PowerPoint of shapes and colors, providing space and star network view. These slides can assist in discussing network and communication topics. The theme of this PowerPoint includes gradient colors which add infographic effect to any technology template. The free template of Modern technology will help professionals to set up IT presentations quickly.

Because it is a one-stop free slide-deck for all technology business presentation. The SlideModel premium catalog contains a full-fledged 20 slide template of Modern technology PowerPoint. Such as circuit board which immediately suggest hardware or network ideas, in addition, to other technology device icons. It further includes editable clipart, illustrating a connection of computer device with WiFi and Cloud storage.

This slide will help data science professionals to describe mining and analysis related topics. It further consists of a process diagram which could be used as timeline. And world map silhouette to display global reach of company. The modern technology PowerPoint creates a linear sequence to display business information for company introduction or project proposal presentations. This sequence includes:. The free slide deck of modern technology PowerPoint can get more audience attention by applying animation or transition effects.

Personalize this template by editing text, move around shapes, change colors, backgrounds, and more. Because PowerPoint provides a wide range of customization tools to make modify any business presentation.

Modern Aspect Ratio.

new technology 2018 ppt

Instant Access and Download. New Templates every week. Take the most of every platform using the tool you like. Open in Google Slides. Europe Africa Asia Oceania. Tables Comparison Tables Creative Layouts. This sequence includes: 4 bullet points — Agenda 4 segments with infographics — Services Cutout image placeholder — About Us 4 steps horizontal diagram — Process Gradient world map silhouette with location pointers — Our Reach Contact slide The free slide deck of modern technology PowerPoint can get more audience attention by applying animation or transition effects.

Item FFAI, bots and digital twins will shape the year. Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e.

Inthe physical and digital worlds will continue to merge, as the workplace is reshaped by artificial intelligence AIbots, predictive software and augmented reality. Start by accepting that AI will mold the organizational landscape, especially as intelligent systems learn to adapt to users' needs.

Enterprise platforms will also evolve to provide more natural and immersive interactions, according to the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for report from the research firm Gartner. Such advancements will allow HR professionals to significantly reduce learning and development budgets and resources, as technologies are adopted that can contextually guide people on how to use any system, Sweary says.

This technology holds promise for recruiters hoping to verify candidates more efficiently, and for payroll managers who want to make their organization's global compensation process less costly and more timely.

Blockchain uses an encrypted, digital ledger of public records structured into clusters of data called blocks and dispersed over networks. It is a powerful tool that users find reliable and easy to navigate. Experts predict HR will begin using blockchain within the next months. AI foundation. Making systems that learn, adapt and act autonomously will be a major focus for technology vendors through at leastGartner reports. AI will be used to improve decision-making, reinvent work processes and revamp the customer experience.

It will drive the return on investment for digital business plans through Intelligent apps and analytics.

3 Technology Trends That Will Drive Change in 2018

Companies are using AI practices to make new app categories, such as virtual customer assistants and bots to improve employee performance, sales and marketing analysis and security. Intelligent apps have the potential to change the nature of work and the structure of the workplace. Internet of Things IoT. AI is driving advances for "smart" items such as autonomous vehicles, robots and drones.

It is also enhancing many existing products, including Internet-of-things IoT -connected consumer and industrial systems. At some point, for instance, HR professionals will need to hire individuals who can operate drones, monitor drone safety and comply with FAA regulations.

Digital twins. This tool is a digital representation of a real-world entity or system. Data from multiple digital twins can be aggregated for a composite view across real-world entities. For example, future models of humans could offer biometric and medical data, and digital twins will allow for advanced simulations, the report explains. Digital twins in the context of IoT projects could significantly improve enterprise decision-making by helping users respond to changes, improving operations and enhancing performance.

Conversational platforms. Think Alexa or Siri. Within HR, such programs could be applied to improve employee self-service by enabling employees to "talk" to members of your team.Technological breakthroughs and information about big ideas, innovations and the inventors that make progress possible.

Here are some of the nerdiest science deals we're watching for Amazon Prime Day, including DIY robots, chemistry sets, molecule jewelry and more.

Top 6 HR Technology Trends for 2018

The inventor of Comic Sans shares his thoughts about why so many people hate his creation. Technology disturbs our leisure time, our family time — even our consciousness. A new type of flying robot is insect-sized, weighs about as much as a toothpick, and is powered by lasers.

You can run from Boston Dynamics' humanoid robot Atlas, but it wouldn't do you any good — the robot can run after you. Unlike chocolate chip cookies or tomato soup, the invention of bread can't be pinned down to a single person or people; instead, it evolved to its present state over the course of millennia.

A transformer designed to do grunt work for the oil industry and military is coming, and it's… admittedly kind of fun to look at. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk just paid a rare compliment to his own species, calling humans "underrated" on Twitter last week.

The artificial intelligence AI community has a clear message for researchers in South Korea: Don't make killer robots. Creators of the endearing "Star Wars" droid BB-8 revealed how they constructed this adorable mechanical marvel.

These Marsbees would flap their way around the Red Planet, mapping the terrain and collecting air samples. Being a fry cook isn't as easy as it looks, as a burger-flipping robot named "Flippy" recently discovered.

The little, swiveling robots will look at a new portion of the sky for the invisible force called dark energy that may be causing the accelerating expansion of the universe.

Live Science. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. The discovery could help explain why the Earth isn't a huge ball of ice. Solid and liquid waste have an unexpectedly wide range of useful applications. Musk bot botches battery build, fumbles fuzzy fiberglass. Prev Next Current page: 1.

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