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Self Sufficient Culture. Tags: chipper ryobi shredder. Moving back into town with an established garden and a lot of foliage needing pruning, I went ahead to buy a shredder. After trying Mitre 10 and finding nothing but a small shredder I wouldn't trust on going the distance, I proceeded to Bunnings to go for the higher end electric shredder that is low revs and high torque.

I thought it would do the job at home okay chipping all the pruned trees I was busy with over the easter break. Assembly was also very easy.

Road tested shortly thereafter and initially it seemed to be doing the job. Small branches were being automatically fed in and chipped. The first load was a bit of a mishmash - crumpled rather than shredded foliage, not much was done to leaves at all. I thought I'd overlook that and even after I'd adjusted the blades, it was still coming out crushed rather than shredded.

But the kicker was the feeding mechanism. Not long after starting the machine wouldn't actively feed anymore. Clogged with leaves? I clear them.

Still struggles to feed. Only very stiff branches fed with force are chewed up by the machine.

ryobi shredder

Everything else won't feed. I was hoping for a machine that would do a better job and chip without the issues above. Am I expecting too much from an electric machine? Would a petrol or even higher rev electric chipper do a better job? AshApr 17, The better shredders you can get all have a high speed rotating disk, but that means they make a lot of noise.

They outperform the old shredder I got rid of which was a generic version of yours, two slow rotating large nuts that basically crush and not shred the wood and foliage. It proved nothing but trouble, feeding wise and also the output. If you put in for example bamboo, it would come out like a long crushed stringy piece of bamboo, not chopped like I was hoping for.

I ended up removing much of the plastic funnel with all the risk of having missing fingers ;- from the top, which gives better access to the mechanism and makes it easier to feed. Silver EggApr 18, The Ryobi website makes it sound easy. Is there no way to adjust it to get a better result? You could probably return it for a refund, say they got the name wrong, it's a Crumpler not a Shredder. Bunnings store rep thinks I might have put too much green foliage in it.

I'd rather have a machine that doesn't have as much restriction on what it is able to shred, so I'm in the market for another variety.

Test Ryobi RSH2545B (BRF)

I've adjusted the blades in it and it still produced a crumpled mess. Looking elsewhere. Last edited: Apr 19, AshApr 18, Thanks silver egg.Page of 9 Go. Table of Contents. Read and understand these instructions. When using garden tools observe them to protect against electric shock, risk of fire and serious injury. Read these instructions before using the shredder and keep them in a safe place for future reference.

Keep work area tidy Cluttered work areas increase the risk of accident and injury. Please study them and learn their meaning. Proper interpretation of these symbols will allow you to operate the tool more safely and effectively. When servicing, use only identical replacement parts. Page 8 English Do not try to force branches in that are too large for the machine.

The blades tend to pull the branches into the shredder but finer material such as leaves may need to be pushed through with the plunger.

If the machine is overloaded, an overload protection switch will cut the shredder off-leave it for about 5 minutes and try again it should then start.

Page 9 Stud Road, Rowville,Vic. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 9 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.Yes, I consent to receiving a newsletter about Ryobi branded products and services in the areas of powertools, garden tools and accessories. Techtronic Industries Central Europe GmbH will not forward personal data to third parties for any other purpose.

Be the first to find out about all the latest news, offers and competitions from Ryobi and so much more! First Name. Last Name. Back to top. Powerful W impact shredder. Two reversible, hardened steel blades shred branches, brambles, and shrubs to a fine mulch. Safety plunger pushes green material into the shredder and keeps fingers away from the cutting blades. Integrated handle and large wheels for easy movement around the garden.

Large container holds up to 40L of shredded material. Back To Top. EAN Code. Standard equipment. Plunger, 40L debris container. Supplied in. Recyclable Carton. Performance Collection Container Capacity [L]. Cutting system. Weight Weight kg. Noise Sound Power [dB Lwa]. Downloads Owners Manual Download. Product Data Specifications Download. Go to support section.

We have published our cookie policy. This explains what cookies are used on the Ryobi website and how they are used.Heard people struggle with adjusting the blade but i found no issues with it. Followed the instructions regarding adjusting the blade until seeing metal shavings which then adjust again for 1mm and it worked fine. If it did struggle, it would rev up the power. Self feeding is also good. After two month of using, i'm quite happy with it.

Read more. I read some mixed reviews of this shredder but I thought I would give it a go. The first thing is to get the adjustment right, do this with the motor running as when its stopped you can turn it too far and it will jam. Run the motor and look down thu the unit and you can see the gap, get it 1mm or so. Then it chomps and shreds really well. It self feeds mostly so there isnt much effort required to use it, I had an older shredder that you had to push everything thru and it was a lot of work to use.

This is great. The translucent tub is The Ryobi does a great job, as other reviews say it chops rather than shreds.

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Just what I wanted. Works great on long straight stems, branches, canes, palm fronds etc Not so good with crooked or wide splayed branches, you have to cut them into fairly straight lengths so they fit the chute. It goes well, is very easy to use and a simple way to reduce your tree waist. It chips and chops your trees and branches into one to two inche pieces. I chop my trees and then leave it for a week to dry out. I went to use it yest and it started and did few branches and then it stopped.

That was about three times in total ive used it since we bought it? We bought it from bunnings like we do nearly all tools.

It appears solid. Honestly things seems to break dwn easily and made purposefully to break dwn just after bit of use. I bought this to shred three cubic metres of freshly cut Cammelia tree, after my Ozito wouldn't do the leafy stuff. From reading reviews here, I was prepared that green leaves wouldnt be shredded, but was okay with that, as long as it didn't jam it.

Oh my goodness. This thing ate the Cammelia tree like the Langoliers from the Stephen King movie. I started by trimming branches from the main trunk. Absolutely no need. I was feeding entire 2. It jammPage of Go. Table of Contents.

Shredder Blades

It is essential that you read the instructions in this manual before mounting and operating. It is essential that you read the instructions in this manual before mounting and operating this machine. Any part that is damaged should be properly repaired or replaced by a Ryobi authorized service centre.

Please study them and learn their meaning. Check fuse. Motor won't start. No main voltage. Check, replace. Kein Strom. No hay corriente. Een apparaat dat Een beschadigd niemand erop kan lopen, dat niemand erin verstrikt onderdeel moet door een erkend Ryobi servicecentrum kan raken of dat het niet op een andere manier kan worden gerepareerd of vervangen. Als u de drukplaat afstelt terwijl de motor niet draait, kan dit ernstige schade aan de hakselaar veroorzaken afb.

De motor krijgt geen stroom. Controleer de zekering van de stroomgroep. Kig dem omhyggeligt igennem, og husk, hvad de betyder. Tarkista liikkuvien osien linjaus. Opettele ja paina mieleen niiden tarkoitus. Virta puuttuu. Tarkista virtapiirin sulake.

Nu este curent. Orodja ne preobremenjujte. Preverite varovalko.News and Tweets. How to identify your Mower. Servicing Briggs and Stratton. Brand New Machines. Call us on Chainsaw Bars. Chainsaw Chain. Machinery Paint. Primer Bulbs. Scarifer Blade. Spark Plugs.

ryobi shredder

Fuel Additive. Trimmer Spools. ATCO Shredders. ATCO Accessories. Ride-On Lawnmowers. Electric Lawn Mowers. Petrol Lawn Mowers. Lawn Mowers. Flymo Lawnmowers. Flymo Chainsaws. Flymo Grass Trimmers. Flymo Hedgetrimmers. Flymo Lawnrakes. Flymo Chainsaw Accessories. Alpina by GGP. TuffCut by GGP. Gardenline by GGP. GGP Engine Spares. Hayter Petrol Scarifiers. Hayter Wheeled Trimmers.Page of 36 Go. Table of Contents. Page 2 Important! It is essential that you read the instructions in this manual before assembling, operating and maintaining the product.

Subject to technical modification. Page 4 Before starting the product, look into the You must never modify parts from the product feeding chamber to make certain that it is or use parts not recommended by Ryobi, this empty.

2400W Impact Shredder

Page 5 Always have any damaged or worn parts other way than shown in this manual. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Page 8 14 mm Page 13 p. Page 14 p. Page 20 5 mins The overload protection has Wait for the motor to cool, press the reset button.

ryobi shredder

Power failure Check the power supply cable, the plug and the house fuse. Material to be shredded The material is jammed in the Follow instruction in the manual for clearing Page 30 4. For servicing, the product must be sent or presented to a RYOBI authorized service station listed for each country in the following list of service station addresses. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 36 pages.

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